To save its lone customers from the awkward perils of solo dining, The Moomin House Cafe kindly seats diners with stuffed animal companions called Moomins, a family of white hippo-like characters created by Finnish illustrator and writer Tove Jansson.

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Canned Qualitiesby Flowmarket

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If two women are drunk and consent to have sex with each other, and wake up the next day saying that the sex wasn’t consensual due to their inability to give consent, Who was raped?

I know that in a situation like this where one of the people involved happens to have a Y chromosome, they are the guilty party, but if both people are female, who is at fault?

Great question! Alcohol and consent can be a very difficult topic. First consider this scenario: if you were in a bar and got into a fight with another drunk person, who do you think would be at fault? It would be the person who threw the first punch. It’s the same for sexual assault; the person who instigates the sexual act is at fault. The genders of the people involved does not matter.